What kind of new, sustainable society do we want to build, post Covid-19?

How can we utilise the positive aspects of New Zealand’s response to the pandemic to propel us into a much more caring and sustainable future?


Over the past few weeks, Kiwis have shown that we can come together for a common good.  Now we have an opportunity to build on this. To consolidate ideas on how to leverage the environmental benefits of the massively reduced travel/consumption that has happened as a result of the lockdown.


This website is a tool for change, to gather your ideas on how we can do this and to grow campaigns for a smart, future-focused Aotearoa.




Here's how it works...

Send in your ideas of specific actions we can take to encourage the continuation of our reduced levels of travel and consumption.


We will add these ideas to the 'Your Ideas' page, to give others, who are keen to initiate a project, a broad range of actions to choose from.

Ideas that people have chosen to action are pinned in the 'Live Projects' page for others to see and potentially get involved with.

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